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Hello, and thank you for your interest in our UCAT course. In Achievemed, we have a team of highly trained tutors, who have helped hundreds of students prepare for their UCAT examinations. We believe that hard work pays off, and so we have dedicated a big amount of our time and effort into setting up a course that will drive each student most efficiently, to the fullest of their potential. So if you like a challenge, have a look at what we have to offer.

What is UCAT?

Before discussing the details of the course, let’s take a look at what exactly it is we are preparing against, and why we need to prepare for it so intensively:


The UCAT (or University Clinical Aptitude Test) is an exam that is required to be taken by applicants of [50] Universities in the UK and Australia. So far, the UCAT is required for entry to either undergraduate medical school, graduate medical school, dental school or veterinary medicine, but the list of courses is rapidly growing. 


The UCAT is comprised of 5 sections; Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Situational Judgement, each one aiming at testing a different aspect of your cognitive skills. 


How we can help you

In Achievemed, we have been offering UCAT tutoring for three years now and we have helped over a hundred students come one step closer to their goals. We have recruited people who have achieved extraordinary results and we have used their help to set-up a course that will help you come closer to doing the same thing.

We offer one of two options; (a) a live classroom course or (b) an online private course.

Our Classroom course includes:

  • 25 hours of tuition

  • Interactive lessons 

  • 2 tutors per classroom

  • UCAT guide book for practice and strategy building

  • Subscription to websites for more practice

  • Follow-up mocks and feedback

  • On going support until the day of the exam

Our course is designed to take you from 0 to where you need to be.

Our private course includes:

  • 20 hours of tuition

  • 1 on 1 teaching by a UCAT expert

  • Interactive online lessons

  • UCAT guide book for practice and strategy building

  • Subscription to websites for more practice

  • Follow-up mocks and feedback

  • On going support until the day of the exam

Our Tutors

Achievemed is a small start-up, but what makes us unique is the quality of the people that makes us who we are. Each and everyone who is a part of Achievemed is hand-picked from a pool of potential candidates, and they have demonstrated an astonishing skillset over the years! They have collected a big experience over the last three years, and they are passionate about working with you to create the best tailored experience you could have.

Our tutors are required to have taken the UCAT exam within the last two years before teaching a course and they are hence kept u-to-date with any changes that the exam may be subjected to. They are skilled, motivated and willing to share their expertise with you, and in order to let you know how they have achieved their results and how they can help you do the same.

To find more about our tutors click here.

Our Results

We take great pride in the results we have achieved over the years, as we value quality over quantity.

To find more about our results click here.

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