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Our Results:

Feedback from our students

Marina Leonidou

University of Edinburgh - Medicine

"I was able to reach the fullness of my potential, with the aid of the detailed, well-structured and comprehensive UKCAT course, the guidance and support

I received throughout boosted my confidence and had a catalytic effect on my UKCAT performance."


Andreas Zachariades

Imperial College London - Medicine

"Both courses gave me a clear understanding of the format of the UKCAT and BMAT exams and the skills required to succeed in them. The continuous support of the tutours, even beyond the end of the course, enabled me to track my progress and focus on the areas in which I needed to improve. This in turn helped me achieve a score which secured me a place in my top-choice universities."

Paris Nicolaou

University College London (UCL) - Engineering

"I highly recommend the classes offered by Achievemed in preparation for the pre interview exam (ENGAA) at the University of Cambridge. The course was very well structured, focused on key topics and clear, targeted revision notes were provided. Perhaps the most valuable attribute of the course was the attention paid to understanding and analysing possible exam questions as well as the detailed debrief of each requirement. The group size was small and the class was delivered in a pleasant and friendly environment."


Our students have been accepted into:

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