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We offer the best support for BMAT at great value. Join our classes today, and receive individualised teaching in small groups by some of the world's top scoring and highest achieving tutors. Our course will extensively take you through everything you need to do to succeed in BMAT, and will provide you with all tools and skills required to achieve the fullest of your potential and get into medical school. Book your place today, as places fill fast.

What is BMAT?

BMAT is a two hour pen-and-paper admissions test for applicants to Medicine, Biomedical Science and Dentistry courses at the following universities (as an alternative to the UCAT):

  • Brighton & Sussex Medical School

  • Imperial College London

  • Lancaster University
  • University College London (UCL)

  • University of Cambridge

  • University of Leeds

  • University of Oxford

  • Keele University

So, if you are considering to apply to one or more of the universities above, you need to take this test on the year of your application. You can only sit this test once per admissions cycle, so unfortunately, you are not given the option to resit on the same year.

The examination is split into three separate sections:







Unlike school examinations (e.g. GCSE's or A Levels), there is no strict specification for BMAT. Therefore, just like the UCAT, a lot of the time preparing for the exam goes into improving key skills like critical thinking, efficiency in a short period of time, and writing skills. Although you cannot revise for BMAT, you CAN prepare for it.


To find out more details and to register for BMAT, visit their website by clicking here.

We can help you ace BMAT!

Achievemed works with some of the most brilliant and passionate minds, who have scored top marks in the BMAT back when they sat the exam, with four years of experience of teaching this course. We have collectively helped over one hundred of our students succeed in admission test examinations and get into the following medical schools.

We believe that the secret to smashing an exam that may be as unpredictable (and difficult to study for!) as BMAT is careful practice using the right resources and tips. Our students have succeeded over the years, because we put a lot of effort into creating an interactive course that aims to provide top-level resources to students and work with each student on an individual basis, in small groups of people. We spend more contact time than most other courses out there, and at most times, a much better rate.

We offer two types of courses: the classroom courses for small groups and the private courses for 2 people max. Both are equally astonishing and take you through exactly the same material, but the private course is even more individualised and more flexible with respect to the dates and times. For an overview of our courses, please read below:

Our classroom course includes:

  • 20 hours of tuition

  • Interactive lessons in a classroom (in Nicosia, Cyprus)* on designated dates

  • 2 tutors per classroom

  • BMAT guide book for practice and strategy building

  • Follow-up mock and feedback

  • On going support until the day of the exam

Our course is designed to take you from zero to your maximum potential.

*Please note that due to COVID-19 outbreak, all our classes are currently online, on Zoom

Our private course includes:

  • Groups of 2 students max. taught by a BMAT expert

  • Interactive online Skype lessons

  • BMAT guide book for practice and strategy building

  • Follow-up mock and feedback

  • On going support until the day of the exam

This option is for those looking for an even more individualised approach, in smaller groups of 2 students at most, or for those that are unable to come to the classroom courses at their designated dates and times, but are still thirsty for knowledge.


*Dates/times shall be agreed upon between the tutor and the two students in advance and may be more flexible.

Our Tutors

Achievemed is a small start-up, but what makes us unique is the quality of the people that makes us who we are. All tutors who work for Achievemed are brilliant minds, and have scored the top marks in BMAT themselves. Our tutors have years of experience and will passionately work with you to create the best tailored experience you could have. They are skilled, motivated and willing to share their expertise with you, and answer any question you may have (even after the course ends, and all the way up to the day of the exam!)

To find more about our tutors click here.

Previous Results and Student Feedback

We take great pride in the results we have achieved over the years, as we value quality over quantity.

To find more about our results click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do I need to take BMAT if I am taking UCAT?

Only if you are applying to any of the medical schools that are present on the list at the top of this page. If you wish to apply to any other medical schools in the UK, then you need to sit the UCAT in addition to that.

  • Which BMAT sitting should I pick? The one in September or the one in November?

Please note that because of the COVID-19 outbreak, there will be NO sitting in September this year.

Both sittings have pros and cons.

The September sitting allows you to make a more informed choice of medical schools in your UCAS application, as you would have already received your results by the end of September and before the UCAS deadline, therefore you can pick universities where you are more likely to get accepted based on your scores. Additionally, you can sit the exam before school begins, which means that you have fewer things to worry about at once.

The November sitting however takes place following the UCAS deadline, so you will not make university choices based on your BMAT scores. It does however offer more time to revise for the examination, and students sometimes prefer this time period as it falls well after the period for UCAT.

If you have any other question which is not listed here, feel free to contact us at:


Phone: +35796491039

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