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Prep for Med

Are you interested in studying medicine? Then you are on the right page.

Who are we?


Achievemed is a medical education and tutoring company formed by us - a group of medical students. We have been around for four years and counting, and we have helped over 100 students secure places in medical schools in the UK over the course. 

How can we help you?

  • We tutor students for the two medical admission tests, UCAT and BMAT. So far, we have tutored hundreds of students for UCAT and BMAT over a course of four years. Our students have placed in the top 10% worldwide, receiving offers from some of the top UK universities, including Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, Queen Mary, and Edinburgh.

  • We organise information sessions for prospective applicants and their parents, going over tips of how to get accepted into medicine, and trying to make your journey smoother through linking you with our previous students who now studying medicine.

  • We are organising the "Medical Forum 2020", which is a 5-day summer school, in association with European University Cyprus School of Medicine. This unique and first of its kind in Cyprus, and is aimed to give young students (of ages 15-19) the opportunity to experience what medical school is like, learn about anatomy, receive talks from medical experts and get hands-on experience with real human brains! This is not only a fun and interactive opportunity, but it is also great in boosting your CV and your personal statements.

  • We provide our students with an information booklet featuring the most important information any applicant should know.

How can I find out more information about your services?

Prep for Med Workshops

This year, for the very first time, we are introducing a new series of workshops aimed at students interested in applying for medicine. This is a series of online sessions that will introduce you to the most important aspects of medical school applications. These include a UCAT and BMAT workshop, and a number of sessions running through key medical concepts, including anatomy, medical ethics and pathology of some of the major diseases.

These sessions will be FREE of cost and will take place on Zoom (a free online application) on the following dates:


To join our workshops, please register your interest by clicking the box that applies to you. You should receive an email a couple of days prior to each session, with the appropriate link and time at which the session will take place.

Sign up by filling in this form

Thanks for submitting! Please check your email regularly as we will be sending information about the workshops closer to the date.

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