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If you are between the ages of 15 and 19 and you are interested in medicine or health sciences, then you definitely need to join our five-day workshop, Prep 4 Med, which will run in collaboration with the internationally renowned European University Cyprus School of Medicine.


Following a very successful previous run, this year we are going even bigger. We are offering five days of unique content and interactive activities aimed at preparing anyone for a career in medicine and health sciences and boosting your CV and personal statements, all taught by doctors and medical students studying at some of the best medical schools in the world!

Get your hands on to actual human brains, and learn how to suture with our skills workshop. Learn about the cooperation between bones and muscles to produce movement, and how our nervous system controls these. Discover the intricate relationship between the heart and kidneys, and the common targets different organs strive for in a system. Find out how major pregnancy complications affect the process of labour in an interactive simulated clinical experience with a pregnant robot.


In addition, learn how to examine patients and take a history from them, or how to approach ethical dilemmas that may arise during your professional careers. Push yourself out of your comfort zones and acquire skills like delivering an effective presentation and public speaking. Earn valuable transferable skills necessary for medical school interviews and the rest of your professional careers.

You will have the opportunity to attend talks given by medical professionals, and will receive advice and tips on your medical school applications from doctors, including how to attain work experience and formulate a personal statement. You will be guided through the basics of life as a medical student and doctor, and what it feels like working in a hospital setting.


This is an incredibly unique experience that will bring you in contact with medical students and professionals from all across the island. It will help you grow into an aware and all-rounded applicant, giving you all the tools you need to stand out from the rest and enrich your CV and personal statements. Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate of attendance will be provided.

What are you waiting for? Book your place now!

Pictures from our previous workshop in 2019.


Prep 4 Med

What to anticipate:

  • Introduction to anatomy and the body's architecture

  • Introduction to physiology and the complex relationship between the body's organ systems

  • Hands-on experience with human brains

  • Simulated clinical experiences with robots

  • Skills workshop: learn how to suture

  • Learn how to take a clinical history from a patient

  • Learn how to examine a patient

  • Exploring complex ethical dilemmas

  • Talks by medical professionals

  • Workshops on medical school applications: advice on personal statements, work experience and more

  • Giving a presentation and developing your public speaking skills

  • Preparing for medical school interviews

  • Enriching your CV and personal statement

  • Networking with doctors and medical students

We will be providing you with an education booklet with all materials, these are some snapshots.

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