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We offer the best support for IMAT at great value. Join our classes today, and receive individualised teaching in small groups by some of the most experienced science teachers. Our meticulous summer course will extensively take you through everything you need to do to succeed in IMAT, and will provide you with all tools and skills required to achieve the fullest of your potential and get into medical school in Italy.


Book your place quick, as places fill fast and only a limited amount of students will be accepted based on social distancing restrictions.

What is IMAT?

IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) is a 100-minute subject-specific admissions test in English for applicants to medicine and surgery and dentistry courses at the following universities in Italy:

  • University of Bari

  • University of Bologna

  • University of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’

  • University of Messina

  • University of Milan

  • University of Milan-Bicocca

  • University of Naples Federico II

  • University of Padova

  • University of Parma

  • University of Pavia

  • University of Rome ‘Sapienza’

  • University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’

  • University of Siena

  • University of Turin

The IMAT has started to gain more popularity in Cyprus, following Brexit and the decline in offer rates for international students at many British universities. This is an exam that takes place once a year in early September, and whose results come out in late September. PLEASE NOTE: This is referring to the September of the same academic year when you are planning to study medicine (in other words, you will find out whether you get an offer a couple of weeks or days before your actual course begins). This, of course, is different than most other tests (e.g. UCAT and BMAT) that students sit months in advance to the beginning of the course. This means two things:

1. IMAT can be a great opportunity for those who want to have the entire summer just before the test to prepare, and this does not clash with other school commitments (unlike, for example, the BMAT or the late UCAT sittings). People who know they want to apply to Italy can also start preparing well in advance to that.

2. IMAT can offer an excellent opportunity for those who did not secure any other offers for medicine at other preferred locations (e.g. the UK), and the student may choose to spend the summer after their final year of secondary school preparing for the test

Following the publication of the results, all applicants are ranked and selected based on their ranking. That means that it is especially important that you do very well in this test!

Now, unlike the UCAT, BMAT or other similar tests, IMAT actually involves a more complex and detailed specification roughly equivalent to that of A'Level (and not IGCSE). Furthermore, the test is centred around the science specification that is typically taught in secondary schools in Italy, that means there might be substantial differences and chapters that may not have been covered by your schools, in Cyprus. 

The examination itself is split into four separate sections. The following comes from the official website:








The specification for sections 2, 3 and 4 can be found here.

To find out more details and to register for IMAT, visit their website by clicking here.

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We can help you ace IMAT!

Achievemed works with some of the most brilliant and passionate teachers, with years and decades of experience of teaching science at secondary school. The course is carefully curated by doctors and medical students who scored top marks in the IMAT back when they sat the exam. Achievemed has collectively helped over 300 students succeed in admission test examinations and get into the following medical schools over the years, so we guarantee top scores.

IMAT is notoriously difficult to prepare for as the specification, in contrast to other tests like the UCAT and BMAT, contains science specification roughly equivalent to that of A' Levels. Therefore, a lot of careful planning has gone into this course, to make sure that all specification points are covered well before the exam and the participants get the opportunity to answer all their questions and do lots of practice. This means covering all the points and chapters that have not been covered by your school (as the specification of IMAT mirrors the science chapters taught at secondary schools in Italy).

Achievemed's priority is you, and having once been there, we understand getting into medical school is important and preparation can often feel stressful. Therefore, we are there for you for every step of the way with our newly designed IMAT course. To help deliver the information in the most comprehensive way and allow adequate time to practice, the course will be meticulously delivered over the summer months of July, August and September on a daily basis Monday-Friday (6 hours per day in July and August, 2 hours per day in September), with a total teaching time of 300-350 hours. This will allow time for preparation for all sections of the exam, past paper practice, all all these at a MUCH LOWER PRICE than all of our competitors, despite a greater number of contact hours!


Our students have succeeded over the years, because we put a lot of effort into creating an interactive course that aims to provide top-level resources to students and work with each student on an individual basis, in small groups of people. We spend more contact time than most other courses out there, and we guarrantee the best preparation for this exam you can find.

Our IMAT classroom course includes:

  • 300-350 hours of tuition in July, August, September 2022

  • Interactive lessons in a classroom (located in Nicosia, Cyprus) on designated dates (TBA in June 2022)

  • Small group classrooms

  • Tutors with years and decades of experience of teaching science

  • IMAT guide book for practice and strategy building

  • Past paper practice throughout

  • On going support until the day of the exam

Our course is designed to take you from zero to your maximum potential.

Our Tutors

Achievemed is a small start-up, but what makes us unique is the quality of the people that makes us who we are. The people who have curated this course are brilliant minds, and have scored the top marks in IMAT themselves. Our tutors have years and decades of experience and will passionately work with you to create the best tailored experience you could have. They are skilled, motivated and willing to share their expertise with you, and answer any question you may have (even after the course ends, and all the way up to the day of the exam!)

Previous Results and Student Feedback

We take great pride in the results we have achieved over the years, as we value quality over quantity.

To find more about our results click here.

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